Monday, June 8, 2009

RTL 101

This post is designed to provide a very basic tutorial on using RTL. RTL stands for Real-Time Language and is the language used to write signals, custom indicators, or scans in Investor/RT. RTL really is quite simple in comparison to other languages and does not require previous programming experience (although that certainly helps). If any aspect of this tutorial is not clear or causes confusion, please email or submit a comment below this post. I will continue to add to this post in the coming days. Once the post is complete, I intend to create a video which covers all aspects of the post visually.

Due to difficulty using certain special characters (<, >, etc) within this blog, I found it necessary to publish the tutorial on a separate web page. Please click here.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Using MPD Efficiently (Mixed Periodicity Data Indicator)

Anyone using MPD in any context should watch this video. This video demonstrates how to make the most efficient use of the MPD (Mixed Periodicity Data) indicator, which can be extremely inefficient without the use of the special method.

I've worked with a number of users over the past few weeks that seem to be running into a common problem. Essentially, the problem manifests itself as periodic pauses or "freezes" in the program, or the data begins lagging behind. The source of the problem in some of these cases has been inefficient use of the MPD indicator. This indicator by default loads the data of it's underlying periodicity each time it calculates. This loading of data form the database can be very slow and can be the source of the pauses or lags. By adding the underlying periodicity directly to the chart (invisibly) as demonstrated in the video, the MPD becomes very efficient and calculates instantly.

I've also posted some related videos below the video. I would recommend watching them all if you haven't already.

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